BAOBAB on the Shark Tank set

Shark Tank is having Baobab; quick facts about it.

Baobab is the world's first luxury polo shirt which is made by using special technology. It can be called the first Smart luxury Polo Shirt. Made of extra-long-staple cotton, it is soft yet firm. The brand name Baobab is derived from a tree found in Australia and Africa that can live for thousands of years. The company is founded by Brandon Davenport and Marcellus Alexander III, who will be appearing on Shark Tank to pitch their business. This platform will help Baobab expand its reach.

Founders on ABC Shark Tank

They are specialized in making polo shirts with added softness, durability, and versatility. The use of special technology to prevent stains and wrinkles is done on every piece they produce. Each polo shirt uses nanotechnology to ward off stains and odors. The material used in the shirt restrains strains, wrinkles, smells, collar curls, fading of color, and shrinkage—all this luxury at a much reasonable cost than many other brands in the market. 

The story behind the making of such dynamic pieces started from the poor quality of the shirts founders already had, and the dissatisfaction led to them creating their own brand. The two hard-working professionals living happily in New York loved to wear polo shirts and created one masterpiece of the era. The company is born out of the belief that people deserve better, and they end up being one of the best. Whenever the company focuses on providing a quality service to their customer, they excel. A large number of companies are changing their tactics to bring the focus on them. The company offers an alternative to the traditional polo shirt. Read on to learn more about Davenport and Alexander's journey, their individual backgrounds, and how they plan to expand their business moving forward. 

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