BAOBAB is Redefining the Classic Polo Shirt

BAOBAB is Redefining the Classic Polo Shirt

Article written by: Stacey Edwards for Bleu Magazine

Known as the “Tree of Life,” legend has it the Baobab Tree can live up to 1000 years. That preface couldn’t serve as a better theme for this small business that is redefining the standard of sustainable clothing.

Founded by Marcellus Alexander III and Brandon DavenportBAOBAB started with their frustrations with the lack of quality among expensive clothes. Their mission is to create undeniably better products with superior quality, design, and functionality.

The sustainable brand uses Peruvian Pima cotton and a nanotechnology system known as BaoTech, making it resistant to stains, odors, fading and shrinking. The polo shirt also features a No-Curl Stay Flat™ collar and a hidden micro cloth within the shirt to clean your glasses. According to its reviews, the shirt can stand up to 12 wears before washing.

guys in polo shirts with stains, fading, shrinking

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