Wow, you guys really did make the perfect polo shirt

- Mark Cuban, Billionaire Entrepreneur

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Discover what makes The Perfect Polo perfect.

Discover what makes The Perfect Polo perfect.

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  • Stay-Flat Collar

    Stay-Flat Collar

    A typical issue with polo shirts is the tendency for the collar to curl up over time. Our shirt uses collar-stays and button snaps, combined with our ultra-durable BAOTECH™ fabric, to ensure you look sharp for your next engagement.

  • Premium Italian Hardware

    Premium Italian Hardware

    Our premium quality zippers and pulls are Italian made and feature our company insignia embossed for authenticity. Like everything else about the Baobab polo, our hardware is designed to last.

  • BAOTECH™ Fabrics

    BAOTECH™ Fabrics

    Baotech fabrics are soft to the touch, wrinkle resistant, colorfast, won’t shrink and repel common liquids and stains. Our shirts can be worn multiple times before washing, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of our fabric.

  • Hidden Microfiber Cloth

    Hidden Microfiber Cloth

    Our microfiber cloth isn’t just for glasses or watch wearers. Everyone’s smartphone could use a good wipe-down from time to time. Conveniently located just inside the hem, our microfiber cloth is always ready to take on smudges.

BAOBAB Face Mask 2.0

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BAOBAB Face Mask 2.0
Better materials, responsibly sourced.

Better materials, responsibly sourced.

We didn’t just search the globe for the highest quality Pima Cotton available. We searched for a supply that was clean, sustainable and responsibly sourced. Baobab understands the impact that the garment industry can have on the planet, and we’re doing our part to minimize it.

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  • It IS the Perfect Polo

    Hands down the best polo I’ve ever purchased. I bought a black one a week ago and can’t wait to order more. Wish there were maybe a few more colors to choose from but get ready from the compliments

    - Byron, Benefits Consultant - Dallas, TX

  • Great shirt

    Promptly received shirts when ordered and they are everything they claim to be. Even spilled something on one and it came right off. I’ve now purchased 3 of them

    - Sean M. - USA

  • I thought you were exaggerating!

    My husband loves these shirts. And had me follow up and order a couple of the long-sleeved versions. The fabric is gorgeous and sleek and it does everything you say it does. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Any chance pants are coming soon?

    - Patricia C. - Baltimore, MD

  • The best polo ever

    Designed so that everything stays in place and always looks sharp. Comfortable material with a great weight . I always say that you get what you pay for, and this shirt is worth every penny.

    - Tom L., Production Manager - Denver, CO

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