Meet our


BAOBAB Clothing was founded by long-time friends Marcellus Alexander III and Brandon Davenport. The two were frustrated and annoyed with high-priced clothes that didn't last after a few wears and washes.

Our first shirt, the BAOBAB Polo shirt, is the first sustainable, performance luxury polo shirt that is resistant to shrinking, fading, odors, wrinkles. Thanks to our patent-pending "stay flat" no-curl collar we've eliminated the problem of "bacon collar".

Ethical and


We spanned the globe and spoke to countless vendors in search of sustainable materials. And not just sustainable for the environment, but for the many people who work to make these garments possible.

We located the best feeling and performing materials we could find, but always with the rule that it must come from a place that can sustain the resources. Our organic Pima cotton comes from Peru, and our hardware is hand-crafted in Italy.

Our journey to

the perfect polo

BAOBAB was founded on the frustrations with the lack of quality on expensive clothes. It has been our mission to create undeniably better products with superior quality, design, and functionality. We believe our customers deserve the best.

Originally designed in Harlem, New York City, USA this shirt was made to last with superior quality, design, and functionality. Made to support the lifestyle of busy professionals for work, play, and, travel.