The Ultimate Men’s Fashion Tips for Summer 2021

The Ultimate Men’s Fashion Tips for Summer 2021

Summer is officially here… Are you ready for the hottest time of year? Whether you spend more time at the beach, or chillin’ poolside, it’s important that you switch up your wardrobe choices to fit the season. For many of us, our business attire differs drastically from our casual wear. But, there are so many choices out there that can fit both settings. No matter what, you don’t end up in a pool of sweat everywhere you go... 

If you want to learn more about how to conquer the ultimate wardrobe for both work and play, continue reading for the latest trends and fashion tips for summer 2021:


Dressing in the fall or winter allows you to expand your closet with a vast assortment of fabrics like wool, fleece, or leather. But, when it comes to summertime, some of us endure humid, hot temperatures that require more breathable fabrics like cotton, rayon, and linen. If you are looking for versatility in your wardrobe, you should reach for short-sleeve polo shirts that can dual both as a casual and business professional fit. 

Here at BAOBAB, we designed The Perfect Polo with the highest quality cotton available: 98% Peruvian Pima Cotton. Our BAOTECH Fabric is engineered to repel liquids, resist odor-causing bacteria, and look brand new even after several washes. So no need to worry about that summer sweat wreaking havoc on your style. It is perfect for a day in the office, or walking along the coast! 


Summer is all about colors and patterns! If you typically tend to go for white, gray, or black outfits, you can easily brighten them up by adding a pop of color to the overall fit. Consider adding a light gray, light blue, or green to your business or casual wear. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing shorts or pants because you can pair both of them with one of BAOBAB’s performance luxury short-sleeve polo’s throughout the summer. We have a variety of color options, including black, navy blue, white, light gray, cranberry red, emerald green, light blue, and army green! 


During the hottest months of the year, it’s best to not wear super tight clothing. You want to look for shirts, shorts, and pants that are somewhat relaxed, roomy, and lightweight. When you are shopping for new summer shirts, look for ones that are slightly fitted at the chest and arms, and taper out at the mid-section and waist. Our Perfect Polo is designed just like this to fit properly in all the important areas, but it also give you the breathing room you so desperately need! 

Shop our entire Polo collection, and level up your summer wardrobe with BAOBAB now!  

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