Men's Style Guide: Polo Shirt Do's and Don'ts

Men's Style Guide: Polo Shirt Do's and Don'ts

If you are new to the polo shirt world, or just want to make sure your fashion game is on point, there are a few key do’s and don’ts that you should follow. Polo shirts are fairly popular for their versatility and comfort. They give you more style than a standard t-shirt, while providing you with the leisure of not having to iron or steam for wrinkles. You can wear them practically anywhere for any occasion, all-year-round. 

First, we want to let you know that you can wear your polo shirt however you would like — That’s what makes this shirt so well-loved by people all over the world! But, continue reading for some suggestions on how to wear your polo in the business world for the best presentation. 

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You may find a polo shirt that you really like and have trouble deciding which size to choose. If you are torn between two sizes, it’s a good idea to evaluate the fit. Raise your arms up to see if the length of the shirt is too short. This will indicate if you should go up a size. Keep in mind that the tail of the polo shirt shouldn’t extend further than midway down your bum, otherwise it will look odd when you tuck it in. 

You can also check to see if the sleeves are too tight or too loose around your bicep for maximum comfort. The best polos will compliment your chest and arms, and taper out at the mid-section and waist for the ultimate fit. 

When it comes to pairing your polo with other outfit accessories, feel free to expand your horizons. While polos and jeans are a classic look, you can wear your polo with slacks, chinos, shorts, and so much more! But always consider the occasion to make sure you uphold a level of professionalism when necessary. 

When you wear a luxury polo for work, reach for those neutral shades for a more sophisticated look. Green, white, yellow, navy blue, light blue, gray, and red are all ideal for the business world! 


While there are many unique ways you can wear a polo shirt, it’s best to avoid these fashion no-no’s. Let’s start with never popping your collar, because this is probably one of the most frowned upon looks. Back in the 20th century, men and women would wear tall, stiff colors that were sometimes 3 inches tall. While this may have been fashionable then, it definitely isn’t now and can come across as lazy and unprofessional. 

Since polo shirts are popular for their breathability and comfort, you shouldn’t wear shirts beneath them. Polos should be slim fit in the chest and arms, which would not allow enough room for another shirt to be worn. If you have room for an undershirt, it’s probably a sign your polo is too big to begin with. There is no need to layer two polo shirts either, just rock the solo polo for the best results!


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