Here’s Why BAOTECH™ Fabrics Are Superior

Here’s Why BAOTECH™ Fabrics Are Superior

Shopping for new apparel to add to your wardrobe is truly a rejuvenating experience. From business-wear to casual-wear, your personal style may be dependent on the colors and fabrics you gravitate toward. When it’s time to get rid of those worn-out shirts with frayed seams, you may realize that the materials you have been choosing are not durable enough for your busy lifestyle. Here at BAOBAB, we offer sustainable, performance, luxury polo shirts made with our proprietary BAOTECH fabric technology that keeps your apparel looking fresh with each and every wear. 

Continue reading to learn more about our superior BAOTECH material, and how it makes the Perfect Polo Shirts

Repels Liquid

There is nothing worse than going out for happy hour and spilling some wine on your precious clothes. We have all dealt with pesky stains that turn our favorite shirts into at-home-only wear. You never have to worry about stains with our BAOTECH fabric because it is engineered to repel liquids! 100% resistant to liquid, our polo shirts block stains from locking into the fabric. If you happen to spill any liquid on your shirt, wash it away with a glass of water and move on with your day, stain-free and embarrassment-free! 

Resists Odor-Causing Bacteria

Another amazing benefit of our unique BAOTECH fabric is its ability to resist odor-causing bacteria. Synthetic materials like polyester are notorious for odors because it holds bacteria even after multiple washes. Both unwashed and washed polyester fabrics have higher odor intensity than unwashed and washed cotton fabrics. While it may take natural fabrics a bit more time to dry, natural fibers don't hold on to smell like synthetic fibers do. This is because the fabric is breathable and lets moisture get away from the skin. Our BAOTECH™ fabric technology is made with natural fibers, such as pima cotton, a luxurious textile for maximum comfort, design, and quality. 

Looks New After Washes

When you wash an average polo multiple times, it can shrink, wrinkle, fray, and become rough over time. Our Perfect Polo will look brand new even after several washes. This is mainly due to the durability, strength, stretch, and quality of the materials used. A typical issue with polo shirts is the tendency for the collar to curl up and become what many refer to as a “bacon collar.” Our patent-pending ‘stay flat’ no-curl collar makes our premium polo superior when compared to others available. Our shirts will resist  fading,  odors, or shrinking due to our fabrication process and our  BAOTECH fabric technology.

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