All About Baobab Polo Shirts on Shark Tank's season 11

All About Baobab Polo Shirts on Shark Tank's season 11

Shark tanks season 11 Episode 3 features Baobab Polo Shirts. It highlights the story behind the development of the company. Every new invention has a story, and the birth of Baobab Clothing Company is pretty interesting. The episode covers all the exciting unknown features about the Baobab Polo shirts and their founders. Brandon Davenport and Marcellus Alexander created baobab, and they do have an untold story behind the invention of smart polo shirts.

The story behind the development of the company is not a childhood dream of a person but a mere result of dissatisfaction. Brandon worked as a Product Developer and Digital Acquisition Consultant before landing at his luxury polo shirts company. In 2010, Brandon sold his first startup venture, Vesta Mobile Solutions. He then joined the corporate bandwagon and worked with American Express and DIRECTV.

Marcellus Alexander, who graduated from the Hampton University in Business Management, co-founded Vesta Mobile Solutions with Brandon. His career has long been with Digital media Sales and Development. But, now Alexander is the Co-Founder and VP, Business Development at Baobab Clothing Company.

The incredibly soft Baobab Polo shirt is made using our BAOTECH High-Performance technology, making the polo shirt resistant to stains, fading, odor, wrinkles, and shrinking. It is also referred to as the first Smart Polo shirt. The founders derived the name from a tree that is found in Australia and Africa, which also means the tree of life. The brand name aptly suits the quality of shirts they produce. The material they used is solid and will stay with you for years. No damage or harm can be caused to them as they are made up of superior quality. These shirts are best for work, play and travel. You use it to whatever suits you.

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